How To Choose The Best Outdoor Clothing?

Going out in winter, different environments, different times, different roads, different ages, outdoor clothing choices are different. So how do you choose?

1. Master these three principles

From the inside to the outside, they are: sweat layer-heat layer-windproof layer. Generally speaking, the sweat-winking layer is an undershirt or a quick-drying t-shirt, the warmth layer is wool, and the windproof layer is a jacket or down jacket. The reasonable collocation of the three layers can satisfy most outdoor tourism activities. In recent years, some new softshell jackets have appeared. This is also a good choice, and it also has the characteristics of warmth and wind. You can wear one more.

2. Choose your clothes according to time and route

The principle of three-layer clothing is the most basic principle of winter outdoor sportswear. In addition, clothing should be added in time according to the actual situation. If you are going to hike for a long time, bring a down jacket. When marching at the ferry, you may not feel very cold due to sweating, physical exercise and body heat. At this time, do not wear down jackets until you are resting on the road or camping to maintain the temperature.

3. Choose clothes suitable for different ages

People of different ages dress slightly differently when going out. When the elderly are doing outdoor sports, they must wear as many layers as possible to keep warm. Multi-layer clothes have stronger heat preservation ability than single-layer clothes. In addition, they can take off several layers of clothing when they feel hot during exercise. If you don’t want to wear multiple layers of clothes, you can choose wool plus a two-piece sports jacket or windproof padded jacket. Try not to wear sweaters and down jackets during outdoor sports, because sweaters are not easy to dry in water and are heavy. Down jackets are warm but not breathable.

Children do not need to wear thick thermal underwear on the outdoor inner layer. Ordinary cotton underwear is enough. The warm layer can be worn with a cashmere coat + cashmere vest or a small padded jacket.

Post time: Sep-07-2020